Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78 Ambulance 4×4 – Extended Roof – BLS (NEW)

Only for sale outside the EU.

We take the highest care in restoring the ambulances to a new worthy quality, but keeping costs low.  They are technically sound and work for any emergency. Always for the best price. The largest stock with new and used Ambulances for sale!

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First registration
Fuel Type
Emission class
Euro 3
Front and back
Extra Ambulance Equipment

Product description

New 2023 Toyota Landruiser 4×4 Ambulance:

This ambulance has been equipped with a choice of medical ambulance equipment from our own stock, with the following equipment:

  • Oxygen Cylinder with valve
  • Medical Regulator with flow meter and humidifier
  • First AID Box
  • Stethoscope
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Syringes 10 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm
  • Neck Collar Adult
  • Respiration Face Masks
  • Roof Mounted IV Hook
  • Sharp Container


  • Stryker 6100 M1 stretcher

If you need any more equipment or if you don’t need medical ambulance equipment at all, feel free to ask for quotations separately.

Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 Diesel Ambulance with 4.2 Turbo is the first step onto a higher level of medical facilities. The ambulances are literally rebuilt from the wheels and the layout of the design is efficient for the user (patient, nurse and driver). It also has airconditioning on the front and back. Does it get any comfortable than that?

Only sales outside Europe!

Do you need medical equipment for your ambulance? We offer a wide range of (refurbished) medical equipment for ambulances like Defibrillators, Lifepak 12 en Lifepak15, Patiënt Monitors, Stretchers, used AED’s, Helmets and more…..

Premium quality

Extensive stock

Experts in business