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We are specialized in giving second hand ambulances a new life and purpose.
When the ambulances we buy come into our warehouse the ambulances get cleaned, polished, optically repaired and repainted, technically serviced and repaired and provided with new oils and filters. We take the highest care in restoring the ambulances to a new worthy quality. We mainly sell ambulances from the brands Mercedes and Volkswagen and new ambulances of Toyota since these brands have high quality and can run with high mileages.

You can buy an ambulance with medical ambulance equipment or without. The choice is yours. Since we always have a high stock of medical ambulance equipment and trained technicians to be able to build in in the equipment to your needs, buying a complete patient ready ALS or BLS ambulance with medical ambulance equipment build in as per your request, is a great solution.
We also always have a brand NEW Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 Ambulances in stock. This model is extremely viable for tough terrains and remote places. These are only sold outside the EU.

We do not have a certain type of ambulance you are looking for? Let us know and we can help you find the fit you want.

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