ZOLL AED 3 Defibrillator (Refurbished)

The Zoll AED 3 Defibrillator has Real CPR Help, integrated paediatric rescue, WiFi connectivity, and a touch-screen display.

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Conditions: Refurbished

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Full-colour & Touch-screen
CPR Uni-padz™ Electrodes
Optional cloud connectivity (Wifi-Connection)
Possible shelf-life
5 years
Smart Battery
Power Level Status on the device’s LCD screen / Sendable through Wifi
IP55 classification + 1 meter drop-proof
Voice commands
Carrying handle


Diac Medical Warranty
6 months

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Product description

The Zoll AED 3 is the latest Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) from manufacturer Zoll. It uses Real CPR Help® technology, which provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR. The ZOLL AED 3 has a color display with vivid graphics of the CPR, a CPR cycle timer, and a large color bar that indicates the depth of chest compressions. In addition, it is also equipped with innovative touchscreen functions that you will not find anywhere else. The touchscreen provides quick access to information about the AED and configuration can be done without additional external devices or software. The screen prompts are also reinforced by spoken instructions.

The AED has a simple operation with CPR feedback via the CPR Uni-Padz and the instructions on the colour display. The Zoll AED 3 is designed to handle the toughest environments for professional rescuers, but is also accessible enough for the lay rescuer.

The universal design of the electrodes, the CPR Uni-padz ™, allows rescuers to help adults and children in sudden cardiac arrest in the same way. For a child, use the same set of electrodes and simply turn on Child Mode.

The device can be connected over Wi-Fi to automatically transfer status information, battery level or event data.

Zoll AED’s are widely used across the world in ambulances, hospitals and companies.

This Zoll AED 3 (Refurbished) Package Includes:

  • Semi-automatic Zoll AED 3
    thas has been fully checked, maintained and refurbished.
  • CPR Uni-Padz
  • Smart Battery
  • 6 months warranty
  • Reliable shipping
  • Language only: Dutch

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Why does every second count?

When someone suddenly gets a cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating. It’s what happens when the hearts electrical activity becomes chaotic. The brain will also no longer receive oxygen. The longer this oxygen deficiency lasts, the more mental and physical damage it causes for the victim, if he or she survives. That is why time is an important factor.

Worldwide, sudden and unexpected cardiac death is the most common cause of death, accounting for 17 million deaths every year with sudden cardiac death accounting for 25 % of these. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. But early resuscitation and defibrillation remains the key to survival.

A defibrillator applies a brief pulse of electrical current to a heart, allowing its normal electrical system to gain control. Defibrillation is the only effective treatment for ventricular fibrillation, a fatal heart rhythm associated with sudden cardiac arrest. Although not everyone can be saved, studies show early defibrillation can dramatically improve survival rates.

An AED is a life-saving emergency aid that anyone can use to restart the heart when it is struck by a cardiac arrest. The device is fully portable and gives the heart an electric shock to bring the heartbeat back to normal.

Product video

In this video you can see the AED 3 being demonstrated by a real expert, showcasing its main features and benefits.

Premium quality

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