ZOLL R Series Monitor/Defibrillator (Refurbished)

The Zoll R Series ALS Monitor Defibrillator is an affordable, customizable and advanced resuscitation device. When seconds count in life-and-death situations, it is imperative to have a defibrillator that is always ready and simple to use. In addition to high-quality defibrillation, the R Series provides Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR to ensure that critical CPR is given correctly for optimal resuscitation efforts.

Also includes unique OneStep Pacing technology: Electrode Pads have 3 leads built-in, eliminating extra steps if the patient needs to be paced immediately after resuscitation.

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Product description

The Zoll R Series Plus Defibrillator with OneStep Pacing and SPO2 is the first and only Code-Ready defibrillator that is “Simple, Smart, and Ready.” The R Series now makes code-readiness possible for every hospital department, with advanced, cost-effective solutions for resuscitation.
Easy-to-use technologies to help you consistently deliver high-quality CPR, provide optimal defibrillation and pacing treatments for all your patients, and manage your data to address critical quality improvements. Simple: Only one therapy cable is needed for defibrillation, cardioversion, and pacing. No separate 3 lead cable required. The OneStep Complete Resuscitation Electrode has built-in 3 leads in the pad, eliminating those extra steps if the patient needs to be paced immediately after resuscitation.

Smart due to the Real CPR Help used to coach to the proper compression rate and depth during CPR as well as See-Thru CPR to minimize pauses during CPR compressions. It’s the only monitor/defibrillator that recognizes the OneStep Pediatric electrode and automatically lowers the energy setting to 50J to prevent an accidental overdose of energy, and the unique pediatric algorithms that allow proper analysis of arrhythmias for younger patients.

Ready as the R Series conducts an automated self-test once a day. No need to do manual testing. Simply verify the green check mark is present during your shift check. ZOLL’s patented external pacing allows superior capture at lower mean thresholds, reducing muscle artifact and ensuring more patient comfort and tolerance.

The R Series uses event documentation via internal memory, as well as a removable compact flash card for easy data transfer and archiving. When used with CodeNet, ZOLL’s PDA-based code data management system, the R Series communication capability makes record keeping a breeze.

Features & Benefits

  • CPR Dashboard — Detailed real-time display of CPR quality metrics using Real CPR Help technology
  • See-Thru CPR technology — Minimizes pause time during CPR and increases CPR fraction by filtering out CPR artifact
  • High-current defibrillation — Delivers optimal treatment for all of your patients
  • R Series Plus and R Series ALS — Configurations to address the needs of all providers
  • Additional tools include Smart Tools for Training and Comprehensive Readiness Checks
  • Code Readiness Testing System
  • Rectilinear Biphasic Technology
  • OneStep 3-Lead ECG Cable with AHA Color-Coded Lead Wires
  • Advisory Defibrillation
  • Built-In Test, Compact Flash, and USB Port
  • Integrated A/C Power (120VAC/60 Hz)

OneStep Pacing

Zoll’s innovative OneStep pacing technology provides half the current with twice the capture for heartbeat regulation with improved patient comfort. The external pacemaker may be temporarily stopped for observation of underlying ECG rhythm. Pacing relies on an external ECG signal and can often be cumbersome and confusing with extra ECG leads and electrodes. Zoll’s OneStep™ Pacing electrodes combine ECG monitoring electrodes and pacing/defibrillation electrodes into one hands-free pad, eliminating tangles, confusion, and the need for multiple pads and wires.

Product video

In this video you can find an explanation for the functions of the device.

ZOLL R Series Monitor/Defibrillator (Refurbished)

ZOLL R Series Support Functions - v14



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