CORPULS 1 Monitor Defibrillator – (Refurbished)

The Corpuls 1 is a dependable monitor defibrillator that is an excellent portable device thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions. It has a vibrant color display and offers a lot of extra options, like its integrated pulse oximeter, smartMetronome and SpCO measurement. It uses automatic self-tests to stay reliable during its lifespan.

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5.5” colour display, back-lit
Dual Mode
Use as AED or manual Defibrillator
IP55 Dust- and splash-proof, DIN EN1789 Shock-proof
Defibrillation Paddles
Lithium ion battery
Sidepouches & Backpack
Power Supply
12 V DC, 100 to 250 V AC with charger
Data Management
SD-memory card & LAN


Diac Medical Warranty
6 months

Product Information

2.2 kg (Basic configuration, incl. battery)
26 cm x 17 cm x 9 cm
Article number

Product description

The Corpulse 1 is a life-saving monitor defibrillator for first responders, fire department, patient transport, medical practices and emergency care. The simple operation of Corpuls 1 provides direct and comprehensive monitoring and therapy for the patient.

With its low weight and compact dimensions, the Corpuls Aed is an ideal portable defibrillator. It can be used as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) or as a manual defibrillator. The vibrant color display makes use of an intuitive user display. There’s always 3 curves and 4 vital parameters to be seen, including ECG, heart frequency and pulse oximetry. The shock button has an alarm light. Voice messages guide the caretaker with indications for improvement. It makes use of the escalating energy biphasic technology, up to 200 joules. It uses 6-lead ECG transmission for precise cardiac patient monitoring.

The Corpuls 1 also has extra settings for patients with a pacemaker. An integrated pulse oximeter can be used for monitoring of the oxygen saturation, pulse frequency and plethysmogram. SpCO Measurement is used to protect rescuers by detecting carbon monoxide poisoning at a possible, early stage. Users can collect data from chest compressions thanks to the corPatch CPR feedback sensor, which can be extracted by WLAN or SD-memory card. You can also receive device status, adjust configuration and perform updates this way. To guide chest compressions and ventilations during CPR, it provides a built-in smartMetronome. It indicates the correct rhytm and changes tone when ventilation pauses occur. It has a long battery-life of 5 years and makes use of automatic self-tests to guarantee that it will always be in working order.

Electrodes, sensors and cables of the Corpuls 1 can also be used all other Corpuls defibrillators and can be reconnected to other devices within seconds.

Will be delivered including:

  • Sidepouches
  • Backpacks
  • All cables
  • Charge
  • Defibrillation pads
  • 2x battery.
  • Test report and servicing.

This device has been refurbished and thoroughly by our specialized technicians checked so it can be offered to you for a good price. The equipment has been used long-term and withstood the toughest conditions by tens of thousands of previous customers.

Product video

In the Trauma Hospital of Berlin paramedics and doctors fight for the lives of patients everyday in Germany’s biggest E.R. and depend on the Corpuls Devices.

CORPULS 1 Monitor Defibrillator – (Refurbished)

CORPULS IN THE HOSPITAL: Corpuls in Germany's biggest E.R.



Reliability and excellent quality

Posted by Alessio Rigato on 18/09/2020

I have known DIAC for 7 years and have always enjoyed it. Serious, reliable and unparalleled quality.

Again and again only here

Posted by Fahrbereitschaft Münsterland on 22/09/2020

Very friendly support and very good opinion of the seller regarding our wishes.

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Posted by Heiner Hofmann on 25/09/2020

Good goods, reasonable price, best handling - gladly again!

Excellent service

Posted by Alia on 26/11/2020

Excellent service, wide variety of products and very quick delivery.

Excellent service and very fast…

Posted by James Taverner on 03/03/2021

Excellent service and very fast response to queries. They couldn't be more helpful! Highly recommend their services.

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