WEINMANN Medumat Standard A + Oxygen Module | on Lifebase 3 (Refurbished)

The WEINMANN Medumat Standard A offers you everything you need for reliable emergency ventilation. Users around the world are impressed by its especially simple operation and ruggedness.

It has controlled and assisted ventilation options. Diverse modules can be added for supplemental functions, such as CPAP therapy.

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Ventilation Modes
AirMix (approx. 60%) or 100%
Tidal Volume
75 ml to 4 000 ml
Ventilation Rate
5/min to 40/min
2.5 to 10 mbar via external PEEP valve
Automatic Self-test
Color Coding + Arrow System
Visual + acoustic Alarm


Diac Medical Warranty
6 months

Product description

You can get everything you need for reliable emergency ventilation from the rugged MEDUMAT Standard A. It’s used by first responders all around the world, because of its simple operations and reliability. It offers controlled and assisted ventilation. Other modules can be added, thanks to the flexible Lifebase 3 portable system, such as CPAP Therapy.

The well-designed operating panel with special symbols and colors helps you to quickly set the right ventilation parameters. Settings for respiratory minute volume, respiratory rate and maximum ventilation pressure are infinitely adjustable

This ventilator comes with 1 reusable Patient Hose and 1 O2 Hose.

Constant Ventilation Settings

An advantage MEDUMAT Standard A  has over manual ventilation is the option of setting constant values for tidal volume, ventilation frequency and minute volume. These settings help to prevent ventilator-induced injuries.

Furthermore, with a ventilator you can reliably prevent hyperventilation and damaging pressure peaks. That reduces the intrathoracic pressure, which in turn improves venous reflow and cardiac output. You can keep your hands free to provide additional care to the patient. If a problem arises, the ventilator emits acoustic and visual alarms.

Assisted Ventilation

Under assisted ventilation MEDUMAT Standard A gives the patient a mechanical breath in response to an inspiratory trigger. When the patient‘s respiratory efforts reach the trigger threshold, MEDUMAT Standard A delivers a mechanical breath to the patient. If the patient does not trigger a breath within the window for inspiration, the patient will receive controlled ventilation.

Double Mechanical Breath Procedure

For the Ideal Ventilation Volume: If the selected maximum ventilation pressure is exceeded, for example, during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), this ventilator will briefly switch to expiration and attempt to administer a mechanical breath in the same inspiratory phase. With this double mechanical breath procedure, the patient receives the maximum ventilation volume.

Product video

This video shows a short introduction of the MEDUMAT Standard A, with the following chapters:
1. Outside description of device
2. Connecting patient hose system and oxygen supply
3. Performing a function check
4. Device operation

Short Introduction MEDUMAT Standard a | WEINMANN Emergency

Short Introduction MEDUMAT Standard a | WEINMANN Emergency



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