FRESENIUS Kabi Agilia Injectomat MC – Syringe Pump (Refurbished)

This Agilia Injectomat MC is an excellent stand alone syringe pump.

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Flow rate range
0.1-1200 ml/h
Flow rate accuracy
± 1% on mechanism ; ± 2 % on syringes
Syringe capacities
5,10, 20, 30/35, 50/60 CC
Infusion modes
ml/h, volume / time, time or volume limit
Drug Labelling
Drug libraries
Pressure modes
Variable or 3 pre-set levels
Dynamic Pressure System
Receive warnings of pressure variations
Anti-bolus system


Diac Medical Warranty
6 months

Product description

Injectomat® Agilia MC is a robust syringe pump designed for the intravenous (IV) administration of medicines.

It’s easy to use, intuitive and quick to learn thanks to the interactive and clear screens. The protection of the pusher makes sure the pump stays safe if it falls.
The device is very versatile: It offers a lot of different syringe options and infusion features.

Language: English

This device has been refurbished and thoroughly checked by our specialized technicians so it can be offered to you for a good price.

Product video

In this video someone explains the usage of the Fresenius Kabi – Agilia Injectomat MC Syringe Pump.

FRESENIUS Kabi Agilia Injectomat MC – Syringe Pump (Refurbished)

Injectomat MC Agilia in one minute



Gave our two lifepaks a second life when our own supplier couldn't

Posted by EHBO Zwijndrecht on 11/09/2021

After our Lifepak CR + could not be repaired anywhere, and our Lifepak Express could no longer be made ready for use after being deployed because it would be too old, DIAC Medical helped us with an excellent service. They have made and tested the two AEDs, are working well and have since been re-deployed within our working area. DIAC Team, thanks for your help! Definitely recommended to our partners, and to everyone who reads this

Excellent service

Posted by Alia on 26/11/2021

Excellent service, wide variety of products and very quick delivery.

Excellent service and very fast…

Posted by James Taverner on 03/03/2021

Excellent service and very fast response to queries. They couldn't be more helpful! Highly recommend their services.

Reliability and excellent quality

Posted by Alessio Rigato on 18/09/2020

I have known DIAC for 7 years and have always enjoyed it. Serious, reliable and unmatched quality.

Again and again only here

Posted by Fahrbereitschaft Münsterland on 22/09/2020

Very friendly support and very good opinion of the seller regarding our wishes.

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