CORPULS 3 Monitor & Defibrillator (Refurbished)

The Corpuls 3 Monitor Defibrillator is the only device in the market that makes use of modular construction. It has a clear to read 8,4 inch display. Caretakers worldwide have relied on it for its robust, portable build, dependable biphasic technology and easy to navigate through user interface.

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In stock at this moment CORPULS 3 Monitor & Defibrillator (Refurbished) with the following specifications:

Types Year CO2 SPO2 NIBP Lead ECG AED P1/P2 Pacer Temp CPR SLIM Module Quantity
Corpuls 3 Biphasic 2018 x x x 12 x x x x 1

Product description

The Corpuls 3 Monitor Defibrillator makes use of their innovative modular construction: The different components are able to communicate through wireless connection. It can be taken apart into: Monitor unit, ​Patientbox & ​Defibrillator/pacemaker unit. This can make the different components lighter to carry, but also ensure a safe distance from where the shock will be delivered.

The 8,4 inch, color screen monitor displays all vital parameters and curves. The screen is backlit and transflective, so it is always visible. It is easy to navigate through. The ergonomic handle and all around protection make sure the light monitor can go through the toughest conditions.

It has been appreciated by caretakers in over 60 countries for its ergonomics and flexibility since it has been for sale. This device has been refurbished and thoroughly checked so it can be offered to you for a good price.

  • Several units are available in different languages.

Download the brochure for more information about the Corpuls 3 Monitor & Defibrillator.

Product video

This video will show you how to deliver a shock in manual mode on your Corpuls 3 Monitor Defibrillator device.

How to deliver a shock on your corpuls 3

How to deliver a shock on your corpuls 3



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