Project HOPE e.V.

Neonatal intensive care ambulances for North Macedonia

Thanks to Project HOPE e.V., two ambulance vehicles for newborns, procured from DIAC Medical about six months ago, have arrived in North Macedonia. The associated medical equipment will soon follow to the destination.

Project HOPE e.V. has been active as a German independent organization of Project HOPE International in Eastern Europe for more than 25 years. Donations in kind and money are used to improve health care for mothers and children there. In addition to medical devices with the associated instruction, a variety of training measures are an important part of the aid measures of Project HOPE e.V.

Picture of the two Ambulances

Picture of the two Ambulances

An extensive WHO (World Health Organization) study has shown that improving this highly specialized transport can make an important contribution to reducing perinatal mortality in the country.

Project HOPE e.V. has already made an important contribution to previous projects in Romania and Moldova by purchasing and equipping ambulance vehicles to transport need premature babies quickly and safely to the nearest neo-intensive care unit. This valuable expertise is now being used in North Macedonia as the conclusion of a six-year program to significantly improve perinatal care in the country..

Incubator, Patient Monitor and Other Equipment on a Stretcher

Incubator, Patient Monitor and Other Equipment on a Stretcher

Before purchasing the neo-ambulances from DIAC Medical, Project HOPE e.V. consulted with leading university hospitals in the Netherlands and Germany. The staff should be properly trained and the processes should follow the appropriate standards so that the transport and care of the smallest and often very ill patients can be carried out in a qualified manner.

We at DIAC Medical wish you success!

Rearview of the two Ambulances

Rearview of the two Ambulances – here they are still on their way by a shipping container

You can find more information in this blog post of Project HOPE e.V.

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