Advantages of refurbished materials

Why should you buy refurbished Medical Equipment?

When you need to purchase medical ambulance equipment, costs can rise quickly. Refurbished medical ambulance equipment, however, can be an excellent solution to this problem. Refurbished equipment can be just as effective and trustworthy as new. Especially if you buy it from specialist, like us. Here are 4 benefits of refurbished products:

✔ Reduced price:

New medical equipment can be expensive. Refurbished can be a solution to that problem. For the price of new equipment, you will probably be able to buy two or more of the same equipment.

Refurbished Medical Equipment - Reduced Price

More Equipment

✔ Reliability:

One issue that always rises is the reliability of refurbished equipment. While this could be true if you buy from individuals, our company doesn’t work this way. We work with technicians specialized in refurbishing the medical ambulance equipment. They have strict regulations and processes to guarantee that the quality is up to to the industry standards. Parts which need replacement or with an expiration date get replaced immediately.

Refurbished Medical Equipment - Ambulance Maintenance

Specialized Technicians

✔ Refurbished isn’t always used or second-hand:

In a lot of cases the medical ambulance equipment that we sell are in DEMO condition. This means that the equipment has only been used at fairs or in a showroom. They do not technically have working hours on them. The same goes for equipment that has been used for back up. DEMO condition practically means the equipment is in new condition but can not be sold as such.

Refurbished Medical Equipment - Monitor Defibrillators

Demo Condition Monitor Defibrillators

✔ Always come with warranty:

All products sold in the EU comes with a special 6 month Diac Medical warranty.

Diac Medical Warranty

Diac Medical Warranty

Do you want to know more? Look at our refurbished items in our webshop or contact us!
We sell everything that can be found in an ambulance.
Including: Monitor/Defibrillators, Ventilators, Suction Units, EMS bags, Stretchers and Stair chairs, AEDs, Infusion and Syringe pumps, Chest Compression Devices and more.

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