Oxylator EMX 100 – Responsive Ventilation (Refurbished)

Light-weight, impact resistant and durable, simple to learn and easy to use.  Makes use of single use, quick change filter elements.

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Conditions: Refurbished

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Product description

The Oxylator EMX (Used) is a simple, safe and effective CPR and inhalation management system. The EMX automatically applies adequate ventilation for every patient through a patented pressure and flow detection system that allows passive exhalation. This oxygen powered resuscitator/ inhalator  requires no power source (i.e. battery) other than the supply of compressed oxygen in an appropriate cylinder or wall outlet.

The oxygen supply hose of the OXYLATOR  should be connected to its pressurized source supplying a minimum constant flow of 30 litres per minute and between 45 psig to 80 psig or 3.0 bar to 5.5 bar. During the continuous cycling mode, the inspiratory flow of oxygen will be initiated upon complete, continuous depression of the OXYGEN RELEASE BUTTON. A sensing chamber in the OXYLATOR  allows airway pressure to increase to the maximum limit set, at which point the system shuts off the inspiratory flow, allowing passive exhalation to take place. Upon sensing the completion of the exhalation phase, the valve automatically resets and allows the inspiratory flow to start a new cycle. Cycling continues as long as required, provided the OXYLATOR  is connected to pressurized oxygen and its OXYGEN RELEASE BUTTON is continuously, fully depressed.

The inhalation mode is activated by rotating the INHALATOR KNOB counterclockwise allowing the oxygen flow to be mixed with ambient air with a patient’s own inspiratory effort. The flow in the inhalation mode vents out of the valve and does not subject the patient’s airway to any pressurization, permitting patients to breathe unassisted. If a return to automatic cycling mode is needed, full and continuous depression of the OXYGEN RELEASE BUTTON is required. This automatically overrides the inhalation mode.

Do you want to know more?  Watch the Guide for information about the OXYLATOR


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