Meber Aluminium Scoop Stretcher 630 ( Used )

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SKU: 630G
Categories: Backboards & Scoop Stretchers
Tags: Meber
Conditions: Used

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Easy to clean
adjustable length
3 straps included
214 cm
42 cm
7 cm
7 kg
Loading capacity
160 kg

6 month

Product description

This aluminum scoop stretcher is an excellent option for transporting patients. The aluminum construction is light yet sturdy and can carry persons up to 160 kg.
It is very flexible: it can be folded to save space and adjusted to the patient’s height.

It can be easily cleaned and used for a longer period of time.

Product video

This video explains how first responders can use this Scoop-stretcher.

scoop stretcher meber refurbished used

How to use the scoop stretcher


Premium quality

Extensive stock

Experts in business