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LIFEPAK 15 Biphasic Monitor Defibrillator (Used)

New features for the LIFEPAK 15:  Temperature monitoring and external power—to complement existing features which include 360J energy and 12-lead ECG transmission to make better use of the 8.4 inch LCD display, Escalates to 360J, Continuously 12 leads monotoring

Will be delivered including:

  • sidepouches, all cables, charger, defibrillation pads, 2x battery. test report and servicing.

In stock at this moment LIFEPAK 15 with the following specifications:


TypeYearCO2SPO2NIBPLead ECGAEDPacerP1/P2  Quantity
Biphasic Version 4 (USED)2016 (EN)xxx12xx1
Biphasic Version 1 (USED)2010 (DE)xxx12xxx2
Biphasic Version 1 (USED)2009 (DE)xx12xx1

Click here for the LIFEPAK 15 Manual


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