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LIFEPAK 12 Defibrillator Biphasic (used)

Over 80.000 LIFEPAK 12 defibrillators are in use today on ambulances and in hospitals worldwide.

All Lifepak 12 Defibrillator Biphasic will be delivered including: 

  • Charger, Bag, 2 batteries and a accessories pack

These Used Lifepak 12 Configurations are in stock:


TypeYearSPO2NIBPCO2Lead ECGAEDPacerP1/P2  Quantity
Biphasic2009 ENGxx12xx3
Biphasic2009 NLxxx12x2
Biphasic2009 NL3x1
Biphasic2008 Engxxx12xx2
Biphasic2008 NLxxx12x3
Biphasic2008 FRxx12xx1
Biphasic2008 DE12xx1
Biphasic2007 FRxx12x6
Biphasic2007 IT/FRxx12x1
Biphasic2007 NL3x1
Biphasic2006 NLxxx12x1
Biphasic2005 NLxx31
Biphasic2005 NLxxx12x2
Biphasic2004 NL3x0
Biphasic2004 IT/NL3x2
Biphasic2000 NLxxx12x1
Biphasic2000 NLxxx121
MONOPHASIC1998 NLxxx12x1
LifePak 20 Biphasic20053x1


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