WEINMANN Accuvac Lite (Demo)

Compact, rugged and easy to carry suction device with disposable collection system. Equipped with an easily replaceable, rechargeable battery.

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SKU: WM11705
Categories: Aspiration & Suction Equipment

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26 lpm at 0.8 bar

Product description

The Accuvac Lite is an electric suction unit with disposable collection system and infinitely variable vacuum regulator, which can be read off a pressure gauge. The Suction Device is compact, rugged, tilt-resistant and easy to carry! It can be used for treating adults and children alike. Cleaning and disinfecting are not a problem, as well as replacing the battery (no tools required).

The Accuvac Lite gives you similar benefits to the ACCUVAC Pro in operation. The rugged housing and intelligent accommodation of the secretion canister and suction tube are identical, as are the ergonomic carrying handle and the practical accessories like the protective bag and the accessories bag.

Can not only used for clearing airways, but also for vacuum splints and vacuum mattresses.

Weinmann Accuvac wallsupport and Weinmann Accuvac Lite 12V cable are optional. Contact us about the details!

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