Dlouhy Vario Carrying Chair (Used)

Light chair made out of carbon and leather upholstery. It has grip rails at the front and rear which can be slid in, an djustable backrest that can be brought into lying position and a backnet for extra convience.

Categories: Carrying Chairs & Stair Chairs
Conditions: Used

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18,5 kg.
Maximum loading weight
150 kg.
Back-side net


Diac Medical Warranty
6 months

Product description

Due to the adjusting possibility of the backrest the carrying chair model Vario offers optimal transportation.
With the unlocking leverage it can even be brought into a lying position.

The most patient-friendly and ergonomic means for the gentle transportation of seated persons. Secure, comfortable and light, the Dlouhy Chair has since become a stan-
dard feature in emergency services. As confirmed by numerous TÜV (technical control authorities) reprts, the Dlouhy chair far exceeds all safety requirements
(EN 1789 and EN 1865) as well as comfort demands and capacity, and it is extremely light – a great advantage for the carriers.

More than twenty years ago the DLOUHY Carrying chair entered the market after continous development in cooperation with the end users. Since that time it was
successful in countless rescue missions.

The chair is used for people with impaired mobility in various applications and particularly in the case of patients, who are not to be transported in a lying position.
The person can remain seated in the chair without being moved from home or accident site until treatment. To make transportation as simple as possible, there are grip rails at the front and rear which can be slid in.

The chair can be carried by two persons or is pushed by means of wheels on flat ground. Manual precision work and an internal quality control system guarantee the highest standard of material and high technical procedures.


One of the safest Carrying chairs: Confirmed by dynamic tests of the entire system. Even if the chair is not surrounded by the protecting body of a vehicle, the parts of the system withstand a dynamic load of 10g – in all directions. Even under the extreme conditions in a vehicle, the attendant holding the rail stays reliably connected to the carrying chair in the vehicle.


By the use of modern materials such as carbon, the Carrying chair is incredible light. Nevertheless the chair can be loaded up to 150 kg.


Dlouhy particularly tries to conform to the special requirements of older and ill persons. The back rest with head restraint and the comfortable form-fitting upholstery
as well as the foot rest and additional foot pads increase the patients comfort and help them to feel safe.

A net is fixed on the back side for practical transport of patient sheets or any personal objects.


The Dlouhy Carrying chair can be uploaded into the vehicle with a loading cup or a ramp. Inside the vehicle the chair can be fixed with holding rails in different
positions. Usually it is mounted in the rear on the right hand side of the vehicle, but it is also possible to choose all longitudinal directions
The patient’s safety inside the vehicle is ensured by the 4-point-belt-harness, so it can be seen as a adequate seat. Different holding rails can be used: the fixed
rail 1000 or the demountable rail 500, which can be removed with a few handles. Thereby a flat floor ground is possible, if the chair is not in the vehicle or fixed in another

The new Dlouhy loading cup is made of lightweight construction and a modern shape. The aluminium composite material increases torsion rigidity up to 50%. That makes the patients feel comfortable and confident during loading procedures.


The artificial leather is hardwearing, durable and easy to clean: the risk of infection is thereby minimized.

Premium quality

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