ZOLL AED Pro (Refurbished)


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The Zoll AED Pro (Refurbished) provides the support rescuers need to nearly triple survival.
Zoll Pro provides the feedback medical professionals and non-professionals need so that they can perform optimal CPR.
Available in many languages.

Zoll AED Pro includes:
• Zoll elektroden Stat-Padz II
• Non-rechargeable lithium battery
• Soft carrying case
• 1x battery

Download the brochure for more information about this AED.

All our used medical ambulance equipment:

  • Is in good technical condition
  • Is completely checked, serviced and refurbished
  • Comes with 6 month warranty


Why does every second count?
When someone suddenly gets a cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating.
The brain no longer receives oxygen. The longer this oxygen deficiency lasts, the more mental and physical damage it causes for the victim, if he survives.

An AED is a life-saving emergency aid that anyone can use to restart the heart when it is struck by a cardiac arrest.
The device is fully portable and gives the heart an electric shock to get a regular heartbeat.


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