Physio Control LIFEPAK 500 Discontinued

January 2018 Physio Control announced the discontinuation of the LIFEPAK 500 Spare Parts and Accessories.

This means the pads and batteries (both essential parts to perform a cardiac rescue) will no longer be available for both the monophasic and biphasic LIFEPAK 500.

This discontinuation also means that the repair and inspection services for the Lifepak 500, provided by Physio-Control will no longer be available, however, if you currently have an active service plan on a Lifepak 500 AED, Physio-Control will continue to honour this service plan and support those devices until the plan expires.

Maybe it is time to invest in a more recent AED.

We offer a range of lightly used AED’s that can fit your needs for supplying emergency care for cardiac emergencies. You can order online. or contact us for more information.”

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