What does the ambulance driver see when driving to an emergency

Driving while using the sirens and emergency lights can be a hectic situation. It puts a lot of stress on both the ambulance drivers as well the other people on the road.
But what does an ambulance driver see when driving through traffice during an emergency. The clip below gives a small glimpse (unfortunately in dutch, but the footage speaks for itself)

In which way can you help the ambulance as a road user?

There are a couple of ways to help an ambulance drive safely through traffic, but it all depends on one thing

Clear communication between ambulance and drivers.

But there are a couple of guidelines which you as a driver should follow

  1. When an ambulance approaches with siren and emergency lights, they have the right of way
  2. Always move to the side when an ambulance shows up and create an emergency corridor
    1.  On a two-lane road an emergency corridor must be formed in the middle;
    2.  On a multi-lane road it must be formed between the lane on the far left and the lane directly alongside.
    3. On a roundabout as a car driver just go through. That’s the most easy way to let an ambulance pass. The clip below shows great examples
  3. Show the direction you want to go to the ambulance driver. By indicating direction you show where you are going, so that the driver knows where space is created.

And always remember. If there is one emergency vehicle there will probably be more. Just keep an eye out for more.


The people of the ambulance

In the campaign ‘The people of the ambulance’ ambulance professionals tell about their work and what ambulance staff can mean for you. They also indicate how you can help them. For more information about ambulance care, visit www.demensenvandeambulance.nl”

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