1. Are the items in stock?

All products on our site www.diacmedical.com are in stock, unless stated otherwise. Want to know the exact number of products in our stock? Please contact our Customer Service for our current stock. Dealer and / or partners of Diac Medical can get access to our current stock list.

2. When do I recieve my order?

We strive to deliver your order within 5 working days. In some cases, this is not possible. If this is the case, we will personally contact you.

3. Are all (new and used) ambulances and medical equipment technically approved?

Yes, both our new and our used ambulances and medical equipment are technically and medically inspected by trained specialists. When you buy a used ambulance or used medical equipment DIAC MEDICAL guarantees that you purchase the same reliable quality as with new products.

4. What is the condition of the used ambulances and medical equipment?

Our used ambulances and used medical equipment are in a very good condition, unless stated otherwise. For example: our safety helmets contain traces of use. Nevertheless, these helmets are still reliable and of a good quality. Check the product page for more information about the condition of the product.

5. Can I pay my order afterwards?

No, this is not possible. You can only pay your order in advance at DIAC MEDICAL. Payments are made by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or iDeal.

Is your question not listed? Then please contact us.

Placing an order

Ordering from diacmedical.com goes as follows:

  • Add item(s) to your shopping cart
    The ‘Add to cart’ button allows you to purchase items in the web shop. Your order is placed in your virtual shopping cart. Would you like to look further in our shop? No problem, the item remains in the cart. Would you like to purchase? Then click on ‘Proceed to checkout’.
  • Check your order
    It is very important that we receive the correct order and the correct contact information. Make sure to check your order properly. Adjust the shipment of your order. Enter your contact data. Please indicate where to deliver your order. You can specify a different delivery address.
  • Payment and completing
    Choose how you want to pay. You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal, credit card or iDeal. Click “Place Order” to complete your order.


You will receive a confirmation via email so that you know that your order has been received in good order. Then we will prepare your order and within 5 working days you will receive an email that your order is complete. This means that your order has been shipped or send. A shipment takes 1 to 2 working days. Overall, the average delivery time of our medical equipment is five working days.

Order delivery

Your order will be delivered within 5 working days.

During the ordering process you can choose to have your order delivered to a different address. (Multiple) orders of one or more items are shipped at once. If you want to receive the products at separate orders, please contact DIAC MEDICAL via info@diacmedical.com. Please note that you will pay twice the shipping costs for separate orders.

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a delivery date or schedule a delivery appointment. Contact us if you want to know more about the delivery of your product. Ambulances from DIAC MEDICAL are not sold directly through the online store. Please request a quote when you are interested to buy an ambulance.

Shipping & service

Orders at DIAC MEDICAL are shipped and send worldwide. That is why there are different shipping costs. Delivery costs are estimated and accurately updated during your checkout based on your billing, the number of products and the address. In addition you can pick up your order for free at DIAC MEDICAL in Harlingen (NL). Contact DIAC MEDICAL via info@diacmedical.com if you want your products to be send separately. Please note that you will pay twice the shipping costs for separate orders.

Finding a product

You can find our products using the search bar and search by category.

1 Find a product using the search bar:
– The search box is located at the upper right side of the page
– Fill in the search keyword
– Click on the magnifying glass to check the result of your search

2 Find a product by using the category
– The category option is located on the left side of the page
– Select the category of your choice (e.g. Defibrillator)
– You can specify the search results by selecting a condition (new or used)

Change your order

Once you have placed an order, you cannot change it or cancel it via the website. Please contact our Customer service via info@diacmedical.com or +31 (0) 517 41 84 77 if your wish to change our order. In case of a cancellation you will get your money back within five working days.

Returns and Exchanges

Orders are in principle not returned or exchanged. In some cases, the return or exchange of the products only occur with the express written consent of DIAC MEDICAL BV. Do you want to return or exchange your order? Then you should contact us within two days after the delivery via info@diacmedical.com or +31 (0) 517 41 84 77.

Return and exchange policy
Returned and exchanged goods will only be credited if the packaging is intact, undamaged and unrecorded (not stickered). Returned and exchanged sterile products need to have a residual-life of at least 2/3 of the maximum shelf life.

Returns and exchanges take place only by the carrier of DIAC MEDICAL BV. The re-inspection if any, will amount charged 15% of the invoice value, to a maximum of € 115, -. Reinspection are not charged at proven (validated) to shortcomings in the products supplied. These products will be returned and credited.

You can return or exchange the product within the period of 14 days. This period starts on the day when you receive your order. If you have ordered multiple items at once, you can return products up to 14 days after you receive the last item. We want to ask you, if possible, to enclose the invoice (or a copy of the invoice) in the package. When returning items you will get your money back within five working days. When you have exchanged a product, you will receive your new product within five working days. The shipping costs of a return or exchange are for the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in writing by DIAC MEDICAL.

Payment methods

You can pay at diacmedical.com via bank transfer, PayPal, credit card of iDeal.

Bank transfer

Transfer the amount of your order to NL86 ABNA 0415 0481 41 in the name of DIAC MEDICAL. The payment reference is your order number. Your order will be sent when the payment is received. Your order is cancelled automatically if it has not been paid within 5 working days.

iDeal / Bancontact

DIAC Medical uses Mollie as a payment provider. As such we are currently offering payment through iDeal, if you reside in the Netherlands. If you reside in Belgium, payment with Bancontact is also an option

Warranty and repair

For a full description of our warranty procedure, see the Terms and Conditions, Article 9.
The warranty period is six months commencing immediately after delivery, unless otherwise clearly indicated or as determined in Article 9.2.

For information about the warranty and repairs please contact our Customer Service within 5 days after the delivery of your order.  Let us know why you are not satisfied with your order. We will try to find a suitable solution with you. Warranty claims of an engine or transmission of an ambulance will be reimbursed up to 50 percent of the total repair cost. The other 50% is paid by the other party.

Is your question not listed? Then please contact us.