Dutch Royal Philips announced the acquisition of Remote Diagnostics Technologies (RDT).

The acquisition of RDT gives Philips a large advantage in the innovation and development of Medical equipment. The telecommunication capabilities will be integrated in many medical devices. This make the storage and transfering of patient information less vulneral Especially in emergency situations.

Remote Diagnostics Technologies is an innovative UK bases leading developer of solutions for Pre hospital monitoring, cardiac therapy. RDT’s portfolio will add new innovation to the existing Philips healthcare range. RDT will add a product range for first responders and emergency responders which also includes the innovative TEMPUS ALS. A modularized monitor and defibrillator that offers premium functionality in a smaller, lighter and more flexible package. RDT also offers highly robust, yet lightweight monitors equipped with telecommunication capabilities for various emergency responders with the possibility if remote monitoring of patients These products will broaden the range of available medical equipment for Philips.

We are committed to investing in and expanding our resuscitation and emergency care offering, and with the acquisition of RDT we can boost our capabilities and portfolio in this vital area of healthcare,” said Arman Voskerchyan, Business Leader for Therapeutic Care at Philips. “With its focus on the pre-hospital market, RDT’s portfolio of emergency care solutions will enable Philips to grow its presence in this market, as we further build our health technology portfolio and extend the range of connected, data-driven solutions we offer to our customers.”

On Twitter RDT posted “Today we become: RDT a Philips Company. RDT is proud to join Philips, a global leader in health technology. We are thrilled to be a part of Philips delivering best-in-class emergency care solutions.”

It will take a view years before the TEMPUS ALS will be availible for the used /second hand market. If you want to be one of the first to know please subscribe to our newsletter te keep you informed about our stock.

Source https://www.philips.com

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