Diacmedical.com regularly gives answers to various questions through blogs. Last time we explained the difference between fully automatic and semi-automatic AEDs. Now we give our answer to the following question: “Why do AED electrodes have an expiration date?”


Each AED makes use of two electrodes. These electrodes have an expiration date and should always be replaced in time. After each use of the AED the electrodes should be replaced immediately. Once removed from the vacuum packing the electrodes dry out very quickly. Furthermore, it is not hygienic to use electrodes for multiple patients. Therefore it is sometimes recommended to store a spare set of electrodes.

Quality of energy-conducting gel

Each Automated External Defibrillator (AED) uses electrodes to measure electrical activity of the heart. This diagnosis is very sensitive and therefore it is of great importance that the electrodes are in a good condition. With the passage of time, the quality of the energy-conducting gel of the electrodes reduces. Therefore, all electrodes have an expiration date. After the expiry of this date, the electrodes are no more reliable and need to be replaced preventively.

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