4 reasons why you should buy refurbished medical equipment

Refurbished as alternative to new

When you need to purchase medical equipment, costs can rise quickly. New medical equipment can put a strain on your organizations financial situation. But that’s where refurbished medical equipment can be an excellent solution to this problem.  Refurbished equipment can be just as effective and trustworthy as new. Especially if you buy it from specialist, like us at DIAC Medical. Here are 4 reasons why refurbished medical equipment could be an alternative to new

Reduced price

New medical equipment can be expensive. Refurbished can be a solution to that problem. For the price of new equipment, you will probably be able to buy two or more of the same equipment only slightly used
Refurbished medical devices means that some highly skilled medical technicians have restored that piece of equipment to its almost new condition before it was released back to the market.


One issue always rises is the reliability of refurbished equipment. While this could be true if you buy from individuals, companies don’t work this way. Companies who supply (refurbished) medical equipment almost always employ people, specialized in refurbishing equipment. They have strict regulations and processes to guarantee that this piece of equipment is up to the same standards as the of the item. Parts which need replacement or with an expiration date get replaced immediately.

Refurbished doesn’t always mean used or secondhand

One misconception is that refurbished means used or secondhand. While this is the case for a lot of products, refurbished can mean more than used or secondhand.

Other reasons why products could be called refurbished are.

  • They have some minor damage. Due to shipping minor damage could occur. In this case the original manufacturer won’t sell this as new.
  • Demo units. During trade shows new products will be shown to the visitors.
  • Boxes have been opened.

While these reasons don’t mean that they are inferior to new (medical) equipment, manufacturers will not sell them as new.So they sell them to other companies, which in turn will sell them as refurbished.

Even refurbished medical equipment comes with warranty.

Another misconception is that used medical equipment does not come with warranty. If you buy equipment from auctions sites or places like craigslist, this could be the case. But when you buy from a specialist, like DIAC Medical, warranty is included with the purchase.

As previously indicated. All refurbished medical equipment is up to the same standards as new equipment. Companies, like DIAC Medical , who are confident in their personnel, their knowledge and their processes are providing warranty on their products.


If you have any more questions about (refurbished) medical equipment, don’t hesitate contacting us at info@diacmedical.com

DIAC Medical. Refurbished but with warranty

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