4 reasons why you should buy recertified equipment

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Purchasing a new fleet of equipment, or even just one unit, can be difficult during these hard economic times. Opting for recertified rather than new equipment might be the answer for you. Recertified equipment can be just as effective and trustworthy as buying new. Here are 4 reasons why you should buy recertified equipment.

1. How can recertified equipment save you money?

Of course, the major benefit of recertified equipment is its lower price tag. You may be able to purchase two recertified units for the cost of one unit. Purchasing a piece of recertified equipment from Diac Holland means that you have six month warranty for your recertified unit, creating added value and life span for your purchase. If your unit needs repairs or maintenance, please contact our Customer Service. We will try to find a suitable solution with you.

2. How does recertified equipment compare to new equipment?

Recertified EMS equipment is a reliable piece of equipment that functions just as well as new equipment. The process for creating refurbished EMS equipment is laborious and equipment goes through an intense checkout before being sold back into the healthcare market. Diac Holland provide the latest upgrades, repairs, cleaning, and preparing the equipment before it is resold. The equipment is continuously tested throughout the refurbishing process to ensure that it functions properly and meets the manufactures specifications. When one looks at a refurbished piece of EMS equipment it is not much different than a new piece of EMS equipment. The number one difference is cost. Much like buying a new car, as soon as a new piece of equipment is acquired it depreciates by as much as 20%.

3. How do refurbishment and recertification processes vary?

When shopping for used equipment, you are likely to run into a number of terms used to describe a piece of equipment’s condition including certified, refurbished, or recertified. The biomedical industry has not established any set definition of these terms, so what you can expect varies by company. Properly recertified or refurbishment equipment will have gone through a complete repair and checkout process by a certified biomedical tech.

4. How can you make sure you are purchasing truly recertified equipment?

Diac Holland exports used medical equipment all over the world. Many international companies consider us as a loyal and reliable business organization. To ensure you purchase recertified equipment from a trustworthy and professional biomedical refurbishing facility we make sure to check how the biomedical engineers are trained, where we buy the equipment and to fully check out and validate the products before reselling. In close, recertified EMS equipment for medical facilities offers great financial benefits especially in an ever-changing healthcare market where budgets are getting smaller and organizations can’t afford to splurge like they used to. The number one difference between recertified equipment and new equipment is cost. Why buy one unit when you can have two at the same price?

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